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Toco is revolutionizing the world of vehicle service contracts with no high-pressure sales tactics, no deceptive language, no hidden agendas. We are replacing the distrust and confusion we’ve come to expect in this category with clarity, transparency, and amazing customer service.

Backed by a company rated “A” (excellent by A.M. Best Company) , a multinational insurance company, Toco is the experienced, legitimate, and affordable solution that stands out in a sea of shady players. By cutting out the multi-middlemen and vertically integrating all supporting parties (insurance, administration, financing, and sales), Toco is able to offer a better product with better service at a lower cost. $40-$50 per month with no down payment, a 3-year vehicle service contract through Toco provides ongoing coverage that can be cancelled at any time.

It’s not about fear or intimidation: Toco helps its customers to be informed and prepared for unexpected auto repair bills that would disrupt their lives. Much like health insurance or the utility bill, vehicle service contracts should simply be an affordable monthly expense that makes a world of difference when crisis occurs. If you could put a price on peace of mind, Toco’s would be the lowest.