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150k – 200k Coverage Level

Odometer reading must be between 150,001 – 200,000 miles at the time of the claim
Please note that while this overview summarizes many aspects of the plan, it is not the vehicle service contract. The vehicle service contract is the only document governing what your plan covers and how it is administered.


Our Powertrain Plus is the best high mileage coverage available, keeping you on the road with more peace of mind.


All internal components of the engine that require lubrication for operation, including pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and camshaft bearings, timing chain and timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, push rods, rocker arms, hydraulic lifters, rocker arm shafts, oil pump, harmonic balancer. The engine block, cylinder heads, oil pan and timing chain cover are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated engine component.


All internal components of the transmission that require lubrication for operation, including oil pump, drums, planetaries, sun gear and shell, shaft(s), bearings, shift rail, forks, and synchronizers. Torque converter, vacuum modulator, accumulator, electronic shift control unit. Transmission case and pan are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated transmission component.


Drive Axle (Front and Rear)
All internally lubricated components contained within the drive axle housing. Locking hubs, drive shafts, center support bearings, universal joints, CV joints (except when damaged as a result of a torn or missing CV boot). Drive axle housing and differential cover are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated drive axle component.


4×4 Transfer Case (If Applicable) 
All internal components of the transfer case that require lubrication for operation.


Turbo/Supercharger (If Applicable)
All internally lubricated parts of the turbocharger or supercharger. Only OEM equipment qualifies for car repair coverage.


Hybrid Vehicle Option (If Applicable)
Electric motor, power controller, inverter assembly, generator(s), electronic air conditioning compressor, electronic power steering pump, Actuator Assembly Shift Control; Hybrid Vehicle Generator Assembly; Hybrid Vehicle Motor Assembly; Hybrid Vehicle Transaxle Assembly’ Transmission Input Damper Assembly and regenerative braking system.


Seaqls & Gaskets
Seals & gaskets are covered only if required in conjunction with a covered repair. Leaking seals or gaskets are not covered.


Cooling System
Water pump; engine cooling fan and motor; fan clutch; radiator. Seals and gaskets are only covered when required in connection with the replacement of a covered part.


Compressor; clutch; clutch coil; and clutch pulley; condenser; evaporator; expansion valve; idler pulley and bearing; high/low cut- off switch; pressure cycling switch; A/C blower speed switch, blower motor, fan clutch, condenser fan motor. The following parts are also covered if they are required in connection with the repair of a covered part listed above and only if they have failed: accumulator/drier; orifice tube. Seals and gaskets are only covered when required in connection with the replacement of a covered part.


Fuel pump; fuel injection pump; fuel nozzles; fuel gauge; fuel sending unit; fuel pressure regulator; metal lines. Seals and gaskets are only covered when required in connection with the replacement of a covered part.


Ignition switch; starter and solenoid; alternator; voltage regulator; distributor; engine compartment wiring harness; wiper motors; wiper switch; analog gauges; window motors; power window switches; window regulator; defroster switch; mirror motors and controls; convertible top motor and switch; power door lock actuators and switches; cruise control engagement switch; combination turn signal switch; wiper delay switch and controller; front differential engagement switch and motor; power trunk release and switch; instrument clusters; ECM / PCM / ECU; sunroof motor; washer pump and switch.


The fluids required to complete a repair.


State and local taxes are covered where applicable.


Transparency and Honesty are Top Priorities at Toco

If you have any questions about the details of our plans, please reach out to one of our friendly team members at (800) 217-1298


Although your Toco plan covers thousands of parts on your vehicle, it does not provide coverage or benefits for any part not specifically listed in the Schedule of Coverages, or for any of the following “wear and tear” items:

  • Battery and battery cable/harness (We will provide roadside rescue to jump or tow)
  • Tires, wheels and rims, brake rotors and drums, shocks, struts
  • Upholstery and carpet
  • Glass
  • Limit of $3000 to repair or replace TV/VCR/DVD players, game centers, speakers, AM/FM radio/cassette/CD players.
  • Clutch assembly for vehicles with a manual transmission (aka “Stick-shift”), friction clutch disc and pressure plate
  • Carburetor, distributor cap and rotor
  • Light bulbs, fuses, circuit breakers, lenses, sealed beams, cellular phones, remote control consoles, radar detection devices.
  • Weather strips, trim, moldings, bright metal, chrome, paint, outside ornamentation, bumpers, body sheet metal and panels, frame and structural body parts, vinyl and convertible tops, any convertible top assemblies, hardware or linkages.
  • Safety restraint systems (check your manufacturer’s obligations on these items)
  • All exhaust components, and the following emission components: EGR purge valve/solenoids/sensors, vacuum canister, vapor return canister, vapor return lines/valves, air pump/lines/valves, catalytic converter/filtering/sensors, emission vapor sensors, Gas cap/filler neck.
  • External nuts, bolts and fasteners are not covered unless specifically listed in the Schedule of Coverages. However, Toco will replace these items when required in conjunction with a covered breakdown repair.

We need you to continue to properly maintain your vehicle.

  • Toco covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle when it breaks down. We do not provide coverage for normal maintenance services and parts which include, but are not limited to services like oil changes, alignments, adjustments, wheel balancing, tune-ups, spark plugs, spark plug wires, glow plugs, hoses, drive belts, brake pads, brake linings/shoes, and wiper blades. You are required to service and maintain your vehicle.
  • Filters, lubricants, coolants, fluids and refrigerants will be covered by your Toco plan if their replacement is required in connection with a breakdown.


Pre-Existing Conditions, Deceptive or Inaccurate Claims
Your Toco plan will not cover any pre-existing condition or a breakdown occurring before coverage takes effect or prior to the contract purchase date, or if the information provided by you, or the repair facility cannot be verified as accurate or is found to be fraudulent, deceptive or inaccurate. For this reason, all Toco plans now feature a break-in period which is a combination of time and miles driven before full-coverage takes effect.


Breakdowns caused by negligence or failure to properly maintain your vehicle.
Your Toco plan will not cover any breakdown caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, lack of normal maintenance required by the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for your vehicle or improper servicing or repairs subsequent to purchase. For any breakdown caused by sludge build-up resulting from your failure to perform recommended maintenance services, or failure to maintain proper levels of lubricants and/or coolants, or breakdowns caused by fuels containing more than 10% Ethanol (if the engine was not manufactured for this fuel mixture), or failure to protect your vehicle from further damage when a breakdown has occurred or failure to have your vehicle towed to the service facility when continued operation may result in further damage. Continued operation includes your failure to observe warning lights, gauges, or any other signs of overheating or component failure, such as fluid leakage, slipping, knocking, or smoking, and not protecting your vehicle by continuing to drive, creating damage beyond the initial failure.


Damage from other causes like storms or vandalism
For any damage and/or breakdown resulting from collision, road hazard, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, acts of terrorism, explosion, lightning, earthquake, freezing, rust or corrosion, windstorm, hail, water or flood, acts of God, salt, environmental damage, chemicals, contamination of fluids, fuels, coolants or lubricants. These conditions are typically covered by your automotive insurance policy.


Basic Wear and Tear
Your Toco plan covers your car when it breaks down. It does not cover any repair, or the replacement of any covered part if a breakdown has not occurred or if the wear on that part has not exceeded the field tolerances allowed by the manufacturer. Any part that a repair facility or manufacturer recommends or requires to be replaced or repaired, or is an update, and a breakdown has not occured, is your responsibility to maintain.


Aftermarket Alterations, Customizations or Modifications to the Vehicle
If any alterations have been made to your vehicle, or you are using or have used, your vehicle in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer, including but not limited to: the failure of any custom or add-on part, all frame or suspension modifications, lift kits, if any tire that is not recommended by the original manufacturer creates an odometer/speedometer variance of greater than 4%, trailer hitches. Also not covered are any emissions and/or exhaust systems modifications, engine modifications, transmission modifications, and/or drive axle modifications, which includes any performance modifications.


Non-Working Odometer
If your odometer has ceased to operate and odometer repairs have not been made within a reasonable amount of time; or the odometer has been altered in any way by you or known to you subsequent to purchase of your Toco plan; or if vehicle’s true mileage cannot be determined.


Salvaged, Rebuilt, Grey Market or otherwise Non-Normal Title
If your vehicle has ever been a total loss, salvaged, rebuilt, is a grey market or similarly titled vehicle.


Property Damage, Injury or Death
For any liability for property damage, or for injury to or death of any person arising out of the operation, maintenance or use of your vehicle described in this contract, whether or not related to the parts covered. For loss of use, time, profit, inconvenience, or any other consequential loss, including any consequential damage to a non-covered part that results from a breakdown.


Repairs Covered by a Separate Insurance or Warranty Contract
When the responsibility for the repair is covered by an insurance policy, manufacturer and/or dealer customer assistance program, or any warranty from the manufacturer, such as extended drivetrain, major component, full or certified coverage warranties (regardless of the remaining manufacturer’s warranty when you purchased this contract), or a repairer’s guarantee/warranty (regardless of the manufacturer’s or repairer’s ability to pay for such repairs). Coverage under this contract is similarly limited in the event of a breakdown if the manufacturer has announced its responsibility through any means, including public recalls and factory service bulletins.


Commercial or Unauthorized Uses of the Vehicle: Taxi, Limousine, Towing, Racing and More
If your vehicle is used for towing (unless your vehicle is equipped with a factory installed or factory authorized tow package), or is used as a Commercial unit unless an appropriate surcharge is marked on the Registration Page and only as defined under “Definitions”, “Commercial Use”, or is used for rental, taxi, limousine or shuttle, snow removal, towing/wrecker service, dumping (dump beds), cherry pickers, lifting or hoisting, police or emergency service, principally off-road use, prearranged or organized racing or competitive driving.


Breakdowns Outside of Covered Territory (We cover you anywhere in the US & Canada)
We cannot cover breakdowns or repairs that occur outside of the United States of America and Canada.


Excessive Diagnostic or Teardown Procedures
For diagnostic and/or teardown procedures that are not listed, or are in excess of the times listed in the current year’s national flat rate hourly guide in conjunction with a covered repair.


Transparency and Honesty are Top Priorities at Toco
If you have any questions about the details of our plans, please reach out to one of our friendly team members at (800) 217-1298

Your Toco plan will not cover pre-existing conditions or breakdowns that occurred before the purchase of your Toco plan. All Toco plans come with an industry-standard waiting period before full coverage takes effect. However, most Toco customers will be eligible for partial payment of claims during the waiting period.

You will need to follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, as well as keep a copy of all maintenance receipts. See your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a full list of maintenance requirements.

Limits of liability refer to the maximum amount of money that Toco will pay per repair visit, or pay in total (aggregate) over the course of the contract.


Claim Limit Per Repair Visit
The plan’s liability for any one (1) Repair Visit cannot exceed the trade-in value of your vehicle at the time of that Repair Visit, as listed in the NADA Used Car Guide.


Overall (Aggregate) Limit
The total of all claims and benefits paid or payable from your Toco plan shall not exceed $15,000 in total claim cost.