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Give employees
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truly value

Vehicle breakdown coverage


When an employee’s car breaks down, it’s more than just productivity that’s lost. Repairs can take days, causing absenteeism, and for some employees, the price tag to repair is so far beyond their means, their only option is to quit.


Toco At Work vehicle breakdown coverage not only helps minimize the stress and financial burden of vehicle ownership for employees, it also improves your company’s bottom line by reducing turnover and providing a high-value benefit that helps hiring companies stand out in a competitive market for talent.

Three plans to choose from


Toco At Work covers the cost of repairs for most vehicles with less than 150,000 miles, while also offering towing, car rental, and roadside assistance.


All Toco At Work plans have an annual limit of liability of $5,000.

Concierge Services

Roadside Reimbursement

Your Preferred Mechanic

Rental Reimbursement

All Toco At Work Plans include a $75 roadside reimbursement per repair and a total car rental reimbursement of $120 per repair.

Here’s another perk: Openbay+


Openbay+ provides discounts of up to 25%, saving customers hundreds of dollars every year on routine maintenance through a network of over 40,000 service centers. The site also provides thousands of verified customer ratings and reviews for service professionals, locations, hours, amenities, and specialized automotive certifications to help Toco At Work benefit holders choose the professionals that best fit their needs and preferences.

With Toco At Work,
everybody benefits

    • Reduces productivity loss through
      reliable transportation
    • Increases employee goodwill and improves retention
    • Unique benefit attracts talent and improves
      recruiting results
    • Seamlessly integrates with your existing benefits
      administration system
    • Peace of mind that reliable transportation is
      always available
    • Elimination of high-interest credit card debt from
      costly repairs
    • No need for unreliable, costly extended warranties
    • Direct payments from Toco to a preferred
      licensed mechanic